Tuscaloosa Car Detail

We provide mobile car detailing in Tuscaloosa, AL!

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Tuscaloosa Car Detail

Car Detailing in Tuscaloosa!

Tuscaloosa Car Detail offers mobile auto detailing & car wash services throughout Tuscaloosa County. With our caring team of wash professionals, we always leave your vehicle spotless. We strive to provide high-quality auto cleaning services at fair prices for all the residents of T-Town. We proudly highlight a fully licensed, enthusiastic, and experienced wash crew. Without new detailing equipment, we wouldn’t be able to keep your daily driver appearing brand new. Aspiring to deliver the #1 rated car detail service in Tuscaloosa among the competition, we offer great benefits for our loyal customers to enjoy. Our services include a 100% money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with our work, we will offer you a “no questions asked” refund. Investing ourselves to bring the best detail services to Crimson Tide fans, we proudly serve the entirety of Tuscaloosa, AL and the surrounding cities. We look forward to washing your car!

Car Detail in Tuscaloosa
Tuscaloosa Auto Detail
Northport Car Detail

Our Car Detailing Services

Each time we pick up window cleaner, or turn on our generator, the purpose behind it is clear, and that is to bring the premier detailing solution for your Alabama automotive needs. We strive to be the business that changes the scene of Tuscaloosa’s streets one car at a time by providing top-notch work, and tender loving care to enhance your vehicles, and to add more to an already fantastic city. 

Should you need to wash your car in Tuscaloosa, call us today! Washing your car at the manual car washes is actually harmful to the paint. Our 100% hand washing technique protects your vehicle’s paint from swirls and dings. We even travel to you! Let us wash your car in the comfort of your own driveway. 

With each of our main services (100% Hand Wash, Exterior Detailing, Interior Cleaning) we deliver the best results you can find in the Tuscaloosa area. Our certified car wash professionals are here for your automotive needs! Continue reading below for more information regarding our main services. 

Exterior Detailing

Car Detailing Tuscaloosa administers the leading exterior auto detailing, to have your vehicle stand out as you drive by Bryant Denny Stadium with thousands of Crimson Tide fans in awe. When you need your automobile to look extraordinary and blow some people’s minds, then the services at Tuscaloosa Auto Detail will do exactly that. We pay attention to every detail, with special focus on your grills, tires, and more to guarantee your car looks stunning from all angles. For the best in exterior car detailing, call Tuscaloosa Car Detail today.

Interior Cleaning

Bringing the proper sanitation to your car’s interior can improve your morning commute. With a clean cabin, you have a clear mind and can benefit as much as possible from your day. This service is ideal for individuals who spend a decent chunk of time in their vehicles, guardians of small children who love to make messes, and anyone who simply needs to rest easy thinking about the automobile they sitting in day in and day out. Should you need to wash the inside of your vehicle, don’t hesitate & call us today.

Car Detailing in Northport

As of late, we have expanded and are pleased to deliver our premier detailing service to Northport, AL too. Since opening our business, we have experienced nonstop growth. This expansion to a neighboring city was the next logical step for us. We will continue to deliver all the excellent services that we are known for in Tuscaloosa and appreciate the opportunity to bring a similar degree of devotion and care to this new market. Northport, you better watch out! Our Northport, AL car wash is coming in hot!

Auto Detailing Packages

At Car Detailing Tuscaloosa, we present to you a wide assortment of detailing bundles that will enable you to get the most value for your money. Regardless of whether inside, outside, base, premium or extravagance, it pays to select the correct bundle for your needs. We attempt to provide to you the general services you need at a value point that you can appreciate, and each package is crafted with the highest quality standards. Give us a call and ask about how you can receive one of our “loyal customer” monthly cleaning discounts!

Car Wash in Tuscaloosa, AL

In the very early days of washing cars, the industry was generally not overly concerned with how much water or electricity car washes were using. To be fair, washing cars before 1946 consisted mainly of a gallon bucket, soap, and a sponge. These small scale wash stations may have used a total a hundred gallons of water throughout a day… if the whole town needed a cleaning. 

As populations and technology has grown over the last few decades, the industry has steadily increased the amount of resources used to wash cars, especially water. According to “Education in Nonpoint Source Pollution Prevention,” a study published by the Massachusetts state government, an average driveway wash uses 116 gallons of water. In fact, the report says, “Most commercial car washes use 60 percent less water in the entire washing process than a simple home wash uses just to rinse off the car.” They further state, the average commercial car wash uses around 46.4 gallons per vehicle.

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