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Our Automotive Passion

At auto detailing Tuscaloosa we are devoted to delivering the equivalent of a showroom clean to your vehicle. Since we’ve opened, our prideful team has been enthusiastic about vehicle cleaning. We have consistently proved to be the #1 car washing service throughout Tuscaloosa County.

Tuscaloosa Car Detail is a professional mobile detailing company! We are licensed to provide services throughout Tuscaloosa and Northport, AL. With over 5 years of experience in the automotive industry, you can trust us with any job!

Although we may be young, we have plenty of experience in the industry. We’ve worked on daily drivers, exotic sports car, and 18 wheeler. Seriously, we have the experience to handle any job. Additionally, we travel to you. If you’re in a time crunch, we can detail your car at work, home, or school. Quit letting life get in the way of cleaning your car, and just give Tuscaloosa Car Detail a call! 

Why trust Tuscaloosa Car Detail?

Don’t trust other car detailing services if you need a freshly cleaned automobile. When you wish to have a great impression with your glossy car, regardless of whether on yourself or on others, calling us is the best place to begin. Tuscaloosa car detailing is more than just great service; we promise you an encounter that you will remember for years to come with our inviting and accommodating staff.​ Don’t miss out on our discounts! We are forever grateful for the work you allow us to do, so we always look for ways to give back. Ask our detailers for more information.

​If you want to turn heads with your freshly detailed car, deciding to contact Tuscaloosa County Auto Detail is the best approach. We provide more than just a spray and wipe wash service found at most gas stations throughout the city. Our friendly crews have worked tirelessly throughout Tuscaloosa for two years to set a name for ourselves with high quality cleaning, and unmatched customer service. Tuscaloosa Car Detail is here for you and your beloved vehicle. Whether you have an important occasion approaching that you need your car to look fantastic at, have recently returned from a road trip that has put bugs all over your car, or simply want to feel unbeatable driving an impeccably cleaned vehicle, you should contact us. Additionally, we also provide Northport AL with the same high quality services to brings your car’s appearance back to life.

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At Car Detailing Tuscaloosa we put heavy emphasis into our customer interactions and aim to give you an experience that makes you feel like a valued customer, rather than another person in the line. Great service can make a fantastic experience, and we aim to deliver that to each of our clients on a daily basis.  We always have the time to stop and chat for a moment, to answer questions you may have, and to just stand back and admire the handiwork with you. We feel that an investment in our customers is one in our company, and one wouldn’t work without the other.

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