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Car Detail in Tuscaloosa

Interior Car Detail in Tuscaloosa

At Tuscaloosa Car Detail, we pay attention to every interior surface of your vehicle when cleaning the inside of your car. As a driver, interior cleanliness is just as important as the exterior of your vehicle. Unlike a beautiful car exterior, a well-maintained interior can add unmatched comfort to your everyday driving experience. Luckily for you, our professional interior detailing service is much more than just some simple cleaning. When we clean the inside a vehicle, we strive to remove every speck of dirt and debris. Why? Well, some people use their cars for Uber & Lyft. It’s important for people to have clean cars! Whether you’re an uber driver, delivery driver, taxi cab, or tow service, you can benefit from an interior detail! 

How do you clean the interior of a car? 

At Tuscaloosa Car Detail, we pride ourselves on our premium interior detailing services. Our full-service interior cleaning ranges from vacuuming seats to restoring worn leather steering wheels. Rest assured we can take care of all your car cleaning needs. Our detailing experts have 5+ years of experience detailing the interior of cars in Tuscaloosa.

Let’s dive into our interior detailing process! When starting the cabin, we usually begin by using an air blower to dislodge any loose particles. Every single nook and cranny is blown out to ensure all particles are taken care of. After blowing out, we vacuum the car. The floor mats, seats, and trunk and left spotless are the vacuum stage. Third, we apply polish to the dashboard, console, doors, and other non-cloth materials in the car. Lastly, we clean the windows, windshields, and rear-view mirror. 

After our vehicle cleaning service, you won’t need to worry about typical car maintenance for a bit. However, we do recommend that you professionally detail the interior of your car a few times a year to maintain your vehicle’s value and cleanliness.

Can you remove stains from cloth fabrics?

Yes! Customers of Tuscaloosa Car Detail are typically surprised with how easily we can remove tough stains from their car seats. Most of our amazed customers ask us, “How did you get that stain out? I’ve tried so many times!” Well, let’s discuss our cleaning strategy.

When we begin working on cloth car seats, we deal with the stains first. In order to loosen the tough stain, we have to apply some fabric cleaner and let it sit for a bit. This fabric cleaner along with some wiping does a fantastic job agitating the stubborn particles. After we loosen the particles sufficiently, we use our favorite extractor. Extractors use hot water to extract all sorts of dirt from fabrics. The end result? No more stains, and seats that appear brand new.

We look forward to washing your car!

When you receive the best car detail of your life, are you likely to come back for more work? Obviously, yes! At Tuscaloosa Car Detail we are committed to providing weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly cleaning plans for a discount. We love repeat business as much as you do! If you are happy with our Tuscaloosa detailing services, then make sure to ask your detail crew about regularly scheduled cleaning! Additionally, we also offer discounts for referrals!

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