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Tuscaloosa Car Detail

#1 Mobile Car Wash in Tuscaloosa

To begin an exterior detail on your vehicle, you must first start with a simple wash. At Tuscaloosa Car Detail, we wash cars 100% by hand because they are the least harsh way to clean a car. Hand washes allow us to become familiar with a particular vehicle, and are the only way to properly wash a car. To further ensure we protect your paint, we use mild soaps and only the softest microfiber cloths. If you’re looking for a car wash in Tuscaloosa, then we can take care of you. Our premium car wash services will outshine any automatic car wash! Don’t believe us? There is only one way to find out! After you let us work on your car, you’ll want to come back every few weeks. Yes, our details are professional. You should come give us a shot, but just know that you’ll leave fully satisfied. 

Where should I wash my car?

In Tuscaloosa, we recommend you wash your automobile  with Tuscaloosa Car Detail! Okay, that may be a little bias… But our team really does care about all the vehicles we get the opportunity to work on. Our 100% hand washes protect your car’s paint from unnecessary swirls and scratches. Additionally, we typically follow a two-bucket technique and use low-pressure washers.

We don’t have a list of places that we would wash our own cars at, but we highly recommend that you stay away from automatic car washes!  They may be quick and easy, but they are more harmful than they are beneficial. Fading paint occurs sooner on cars that regularly use automatic washes, and this is a proven fact. If you owned a Lamborghini, would you take it to an automated vehicle wash in Tuscaloosa? You wouldn’t because you would be as gentle as possible with the exterior in an attempt to preserve its quality.

At Tuscaloosa Auto Detail, we provide a full range of automotive services throughout Tuscaloosa County. We routinely provide exterior detail, interior cleaning, and paint protection services. No mater your car cleaning needs, we look forward to helping you!

We are the premier car wash in Tuscaloosa, AL!

With over 20 years of experience, Tuscaloosa Car Detail provides the premium automible services of Tuscaloosa for many reasons. First, our detailing crew would absolutely love to showcase their skills on high-end cars. Secondly, we treat every car as if it was our own. Lastly, we want to form real relationships with our customers. We will happily provide you with a one-time cleaning, but we are extremely interested in providing you a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly wash plan. In addition to your vehicle reaping the rewards of scheduled cleaning, our detailing crew would also benefit. Without forming close relationships with our customers, it’s difficult to provide you auto wash services that your car truly benefits from.

Let us wash your vehicle!

Are you searching for a car wash in Tuscaloosa near you? If so, you’ve came to the right place. Tuscaloosa Car Detail provide mobile car cleaning services in Tuscaloosa, AL! We will happily wash your car while you are at work, playing golf, or spending time with your kids. Our business model is strictly customer-oriented, so we strive to bring convenience to every surface we wash.

Not only will we wash your car in your driveway, but we will have proven wash techniques. Our 100% hand wash policy allows us to gently clean automobiles. Hand washing work for all cars – old or new, rusted or new, garage queens or yard hogs. Tuscaloosa Car Detail’s mobile detailing service can professionally clean any vehicle you have in mind. 

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